HR Analytics

The JDA Group is highly qualified to conduct HR Analytics that provide you and your team with executable solutions for a wide range of Human Capital challenges, including Talent Management, Human Capital Acquisition Strategies, Succession Planning, and addressing the need for increased Leader Development Programs. Read more about our services below:

Strategic Human Capital Planning

Workforce Talent Development

Workforce Talent Development


Strategic Human Capital Planning will inform your organization of talent shortfalls and competency gaps, and determine where best to allocate resources to maximize your competitiveness.

Strategic Human Capital Planning also ensures that your organization will have the best talent needed to compete in the future and provides a complete understanding of your organization’s potential. Together, we will evaluate critical positions, assess rates of attrition, identify current and future talent pools, and better manage the talent pipeline of your organization to sustain a competitive advantage in your market space. 

Workforce Talent Development

Workforce Talent Development

Workforce Talent Development


Grow existing talent in your organization, or help determine which talent should be brought in to the company with Workforce Talent Development!

Personal Training and Development with the JDA Group addresses competency gaps in your business, and reveals career paths that will allow your team to achieve its full potential and maximize each individuals contributions to the business.  

The key to talent management, succession planning, and retention of high performing/high potential personnel is workforce development.

Organizational Analysis & Design

Workforce Talent Development

Organizational Analysis & Design


Even with a talented staff, it's possible to have an organizational structure that diminishes your productivity, is rife with inefficiencies, and unnecessarily harnesses your team's creativity. 

Engaging in an Organizational Analyses and Design session with the JDA Group ensures a streamlined organizational structure, promotes creativity and innovation, and heightens employee engagement by analyzing the following:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Workload
  • Processes
  • Layers of Reporting 
  • Span of Control of Management

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